Free initial video call consultation

Before committing to online coaching you will have a free video call consultation to discuss your goals and how we can help you get there and to give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. 

Intake form

After your consultation you will complete a detailed intake form covering everything from training history, dietary preferences, injuries, schedule limitations etc. We will then use the information from the consultation and intake form to put together your programme. 

Training programme

You will receive a fully bespoke training programme based around your goals, training experience, training frequency and equipment availability. We will monitor how your body responds to the training programme, what progress is being made and make adjustment as is necessary throughout your coaching package. Every exercise on your training programme will be linked to a video demonstration of the exercise with detailed coaching points.


Individualised nutrition plan base around your lifestyle and prefrences. There are many ways to approach nutrition and we will ensure that the plan we put in place helps you achieve your goals in an effective and sustainable way. 


We fully understand people are busy, have lots of other responsibilities and can struggle to fit exercises into their lifestyle. We will ensure the plan we put in place is realistic and sustainable. Lifestyle and health coaching covering things such as stress, sleep, digestion etc to maximise your health, wellbeing and results. 

Feedback and support

You will have a weekly checkin with your coach to review the past week, how things have went and to plan ahead. You will also have unlimited WhatsApp support to answer any questions that you have or to receive technique feedback on exercise videos that you send your coach. 


App + Website

Our online coaching is delivered through our own coaching platform and app. You will have your own profile and access to everything needed through this

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