A great variety of the best equipment money can buy

Here is what CN looks like at 1830 on a Monday night, peak time when most gyms will be absolutely mobbed.
The most amount of people in CN at any one time is three clients and three trainers.

One of the main reasons I opened CN is because I was fed up of having to make compromises in my clients PT sessions because the gyms were so busy with members.

I also didn’t want to start working from a small single room studio with limited equipment and no real atmosphere

Its been bloody hard work to get to where we are at now but It’s safe to say we have created a pretty awesome environment for our clients to train in.

  1. A great variety of the best equipment money can buy. We constantly re invest huge amounts in new equipment
  2. It’s never busy and we never struggle to get equipment
  3. And most importantly a good atmosphere with clients and trainers working hard, not taking themselves too seriously and enjoying the process

This is CN