Daily Activity Levels

There are three main things that are going to have the biggest impact on your fat loss results, however many people obsess over just two and totally neglect one.

Exercise / training
Daily activity levels

For optimal fat loss results don’t under estimate the important of your daily activity levels and how they can effect progress. A simple and effective way to do this is to track your daily steps and aim for 10k steps per day. (Fitbits are good, find on Facebook market to save ££) However you don’t need a step tracker, simply aiming to move around more and go for plenty of walks etc will have a positive impact on your results.

If you are making a huge effort with your nutrition and training hard in the gym but are totally sedentary outwith your training sessions, you are definitely selling yourself short and not maximising your fat loss efforts.
I would argue that two people following the same nutrition plan with all other variables being the same but one is training 3 x per week and getting 10k steps per day and the other is training 5 x per week and getting 3k steps per day, the person training 3 x per week would get better fat loss results.