Experience as a coach is one of the most value tools

Jake is a long term client who has made amazing progress over the past ten years!

Its been great to watch my long term clients grow in there training abilities and fitness levels as I grow in my coaching abilities.

Experience as a coach is one of the most value tools that we have that cannot be taught or bought, it has to be earned. With this experience comes the coaching eye, the ability to really see and understand things clearly when watching our clients moving etc. The coaching eye is developed through thousands of hours 1-1 training and years and years worth of work and commitment to honing our craft.

I have been training people for 10 years now and have well over 10,000 hours of 1-1 coaching under my belt. Despite this I know that there is still so much more to learn and that in another ten years I will be a much better coach than I am now.

Here is what Jake says:

‘I’ve be been training on and off with Craig for nearly 10 years now and the results have been incredible.

Even though I am an advanced weightlifter with a decade worth of training knowledge, I always return to CN Fitness to progress my training and body composition to new levels.

The facilities are second to none and there is a huge variety of different clients with different goals and CN Fitness can cater for them all.’