Covid 19 guidelines

You can rest assured that at CN Fitness we are taking every precaution to provide a safe, clean and secure environment for our clients and trainers. As our facility is strictly by appointment only for 1-1 personal training, rather than a membership based gym where people are coming and going as they please, we are able to control the environment and space, along with overall cleanliness, very well. We have always prided ourselves on how clean and presentable our facility is at all times and this will continue moving forward.

Along with ensuring our facility is as Covid secure as possible, we are also ensuring our facility continues to have a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. With everything that is going on with Covid-19 in the world, many places have an undertone of uncertainty and tension around them, not at CN. We have taken care of everything, so that when you are at CN you can simply focus on getting the most out of your uncompromised personal training experience with us.

Below is an outline of what measures we have put in place, in line with government regulations.


Even before Covid-19 we were already operating at well under the 1 person per 100 sq ft of space limit. Numbers have always been limited at CN and this will continue moving forward, not only to ensure social distancing, but to ensure our usual high standard of personal training.

Appointment time

Your sessions will last 55-60 minutes. We are spacing sessions 15 minutes apart to allow for cleaning between sessions and to minimise contact between clients leaving and arriving. Please feel free to arrive up to a maximum of 10 minutes before your session starting time.

Touch free hand sanitising stations

We have installed touch free hand sanitisers at the entrance to our gym floor and we ask that everyone use this before entering. 


On top of our usual daily cleaning schedule, your trainer will be cleaning every piece of equipment before and after each use with antibacterial / antiviral spray. You don’t have to worry about this, we will take care of it for you. 

Changing rooms and shower facilities

Our chaining and private shower rooms are open to use. They are limited to 1 person at a time, however as we are a private 1-1 facility, this won’t cause any issues or delays. 

Face coverings

As per government guidelines, face coverings are not required while you are exercising at the gym. However, if you would feel more comfortable wearing one, then this is of course ok. 

Track and trace

Our booking systems automatically stores the details, dates and times, of everyone that is in our facility to allow for any track and trace that needs to be done at any point. 


Due to the constantly changing nature of the situation, the above points will be reviewed weekly and any changes will be made to this page and clearly communicated with our clients and trainers.