The biggest selection of dumbells out of every commercial gym

We have some serious new toys coming in as an early Christmas present.

20 pairs of 2.5-50kg custom Watson pro dumbells with a custom rack.

These will be standard grip dumbells to go with our set of fat grip revolving handles.
So we will have 2.5-50kg Watson pro dumbells in 0.5kg increments with fat / revolving grips or standard grip. We probably have the biggest selection of dumbells (definitely the prettiest) out of every commercial gym in Aberdeen and we are a small 1-1 private gym 💪💪

We also have an Atlantis strength Incline hyperextension coming from Canada which is a great tool for strengthening the glutes and hamstring without loading the spine. Extremely useful for anyone with back issues

This is a HUGE reinvestment in our kit making sure our clients have the best tools to work with.

I am obsessed with making CN fitness as good as it can be for our clients. Some people have art collections, car collections, handbag colllections etc etc. My passion is collecting the worlds best gym equipment and our clients get to use this collection every day 🙌🙌