Online Coaching Service

CN Fitness will be closed until further notice to comply with government recommendations to stop the spread of Covid-19.

As much as is pains me that this is happening, it is clearly the right thing to do. We all have our part to play to protect each other, the country, our NHS, and the world as a whole.

We are going to be offering free online coaching for all of our clients with individualised programming based upon equipment availability and weekly video call and email check ins with their trainer along side our private Facebook group which is going to be the hub for the CN team as a whole to interact, share ideas and offer support until this is all over.

We are hard at work getting systems in place to train our clients remotely and appreciate your patience while we get this set up. All clients will be emailed tomorrow with more information on how our free online coaching service is going to work, which will be starting on Monday 24th March.

I would like to offer reassurance to everyone that as a business we will be able to weather this storm, our biggest concern is that once all of this is over we can get back to normal as quickly as possible. All that we ask is that once we are able to reopen, we get right back to where we left off and that you, our clients, continue your personal training sessions as normal. In the mean time we have got your back and will keep you on track.

Stay positive and stay safe, we got this 👊👊