The lessons I learned during the process are invaluable

A huge percentage of the people we train their main goal is fat loss and transforming their body composition. As coaches I feel it’s our responsibly to practise what we preach and lead by example.

You can read all the books you like, do all the courses you want and attend every seminar under the sun, but in my experience actually going through the process yourself and experimenting with what works and does not work is the best learning tool. I have travelled all over the world (I even went to Australia for 6 days to do a 6 day course) doing courses in search of knowledge to help our clients, but actually getting in the trenches myself and testing my body has probably been the best learning tool.

Very few of our clients want to take their physique to the level that I did in this photo, but the lessons I learned during the process are invaluable in helping people with fat loss and body composition, regardless of what stage they are at.

If you are a personal trainer you owe it to your clients to lead by example.