Tips to use pendulum squat machine!

Aga making light work of our new pendulum squat machine!

This is SUCH a hard piece of kit. If you are lucky enough to have a pendulum squat in your gym, here’s a few points to help your technique.

Foot position: Put your feet as low down on the plate as you can while ensuring that at the bottom of the movement you have even pressure throughout the ball and heel of the foot and the heels aren’t lifting. This will create maximum knee flexion which will increase quadriceps recruitment. Note you MUST keep your heels flat throughout the movement.

Range of motion: Control the lowering phase, keeping your knees the same distance apart as the feet. Go as low as you can while keeping the hips flat against the pad and the heels flat.

Drive: Once at the bottom of the movement, don’t think about just standing back up, simultaneously think about pushing the foot plate away from you with the heels and pushing your lower back / hips hard back into the pad.