Clean and Hygienic Gym

As you are all aware the covid-19 pandemic is escalating everyday. Below are a few points for all of our clients.

Hand sanitiser upon entering gym:
We have put hand sanitiser on the shelf next to the windows in the gym and we ask that everyone use this before they do anything (using the toilet, going to changing rooms etc) when entering the gym. Supplies of this are running very low across the whole country so if anyones is out shopping and see’s any it would be a massive help if you could buy a few bottles (while still respecting maximum purchase limits) and we will buy them from you.

We are doing everything that we can to keep the gym as clean, hygienic and as risk free as possible for our trainers and clients. As our facility only ever has a maximum of six people in at once, three trainers and three clients, we are far more able to control the environment and miamise risk than regular gyms. We always make a big effort with our cleaning schedule but we have stepped things up in light of the current situation. All equipment, handles and other high touch areas are getting disinfected and cleaned 3 x per day and, as we do every week, we have cleaners in on Fridays to give the gym a full deep clean.
We have disinfectant spray on the gym floor at all times and you are more than welcome to use this wherever you want to wipe down any equipment before you use it in your sessions. We fully understand that some people are very nervous about the situation and whatever will make you feel more comfortable we are all for it, whether it is wearing a face mask, using hand sanitiser gel during your session or wearing gloves etc, please feel free.

If you feel any symptoms of covid-19, stay at home:
As per government guidelines, if you come down with a persistent cough or fever then do not come to the gym, contact your trainer and let them know that you cannot come in. We are going to be putting together some equipment free home workouts and uploading them to youtube this week so that anyone who can’t come to the gym can still get some training in if they are able to. If you do come to the gym and have a persistent cough we will ask you to leave.

Session frequency:
We have had a few people ask us if they can increase their weekly personal training session frequency at CN to avoid going to busier, big commercial gyms with more members which inherently carry more infection risk than our much smaller, private facility. Normally we are pretty much booked up most of the time but we expect that we will have spaces available over the coming weeks and months depending on how many people need to self isolate and for how long etc. If you do want to increase your session frequency at CN speak to your trainer and they will do their best to accommodate you.

On a more general note, please everyone follow the government recommendations. You hear people saying that they are not going to follow advice because they are healthy, young and that they will be fine, and maybe they will, but their actions could be the reason that someone else isn’t. Think of others and work together to get through this.

Stay safe