Facility in Fitness

John has made absolutely fantastic progress since he started with us in April, he has gained 7.1kg of lean mass, while getting leaner. Going from a bodyweight of 71.6kg at 13.3% bodyfat to a bodyweight of 77.3kg at 10.3% bodyfat. We spent the first 8 weeks getting as low as 5.4% bodyfat before increasing calories and pushing for more hypertrophy.

Here is what he has to say: “CN fitness is a first class facility in Aberdeen. Located in a central location with plenty of parking. The gym is well equipped and has a friendly atmosphere.

After an initial consultation with Craig I was assigned @mattfraserpt as my trainer.
Matt has exceeded my expectations as a PT. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always available to answer questions.
The workout plans are challenging and dynamic but also personally tailored to each clients needs.
I was able to increase my athletic performance, increase muscle mass, while reducing my body fat.

I’d 100% recommend CN fitness and any of its PT’s to anyone looking to get in shape.” #aberdeen #results #personaltraining #personaltrainer