Fat Loss Progress

How did I navigate Christmas while being in a fat loss phase? Simple, I ate whatever I wanted on the 24th and 25th then went straight back to my plan.

I am currently in a fat loss phase after competing in my powerlifting competition on Dec 1st where I was 93.3kg on the morning of the comp. I am going to get down to 88.0kg and a more comfortable body fat level before I increase my calories again in the lead up to my next competition.
I have been eating 3000 calories per day since the 2nd of December and between the 2nd and the 24th I went from 93.3kg to 90.1kg, so a 3kg drop in 3 weeks, not bad. On the 24th and 25th I ate whatever I wanted, and I think my calories would have been around 5000-6000 on those two days, yes I ate a lot. For 3 days after the 25th I dropped my calories to 2500, as I knew my calories were way higher over the past few days (I didn’t track calories) and am now back at 3000 per day. I will admit that on boxing day, after two days of eating whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted and more, the temptation to get stuck into the chocolates and treats was definitely high, but I had a plan and that plan only included two days of indulgence, so that was that. It really is just about discipline and self control. People will try and sugar coat it and come up with crazy plans or complicated formulas, just keep it simple and stick to the plan.

Here’s what my bodyweight did.

24th: 90.1kg
25th: 91.3kg
26th: 91.9kg
27th: 91.2kg
28th: 90.7kg
29th: 90.3kg
30th: 89.9kg

So instead of just saying screw it and going crazy for two weeks and putting on a heap of weight, I had two days of indulgence, accepted and knew that it would slow down my fat loss progress for that week, then got straight back to the plan. The end result was me dropping 0.2kg the week of Christmas instead of dropping likely around 0.5-1.0kg if I was 100% on plan (which I didn’t want to be over Christmas). Now I am straight back onto the plan and am further ahead than I was this time last week.

Moral of the story, if your goal is fat loss, dont go crazy until the 6th of January. #aberdeen #personaltrainer #personaltraining #cnfitness