How to add some muscle mass to your arms

If you are new to the gym and are looking to add some muscle mass to your arms, dont make the mistake that so many beginners make. That is going to the gym and doing curls and pushdowns until the cows come home or you get tendonitis in your elbows.

As a beginner its much more effective to focus on compound push and pull movements and build up a good foundation of strength and size with these movements, before getting into isolated bicep and tricep work. The function of the tricep is to extend the elbow and the bicep to flex the elbow, so on most upper body push movements your triceps are working and on most upper body pull movements your biceps are working.

Here are two super effective exercises that are not only help you develop size and strength in the arms, but also develop size and strength in the rest of the upper body.

A few points for both exercises:

Close grip bench press:

  1. Hands shoulder width apart
  2. Elbows in at about 45 degree
  3. Lower back to mid / lower sternum each rep
  4. Supinated pull-ups
  5. Ensure you full straighten the arms at the bottom of each rep
  6. Ensure you chin clears the bar at the top of each rep
  7. Dont swings your body around to help get more reps