Open Again Our Facilty

As we enter week seven of lock down its safe to say that we at CN are missing our facility being open so much. We miss the face to face interaction, we miss pushing you and getting the absolute best out of you, we miss the banter and the laughs, we miss the buzz on the gym floor and so many other things. We are working with all of our clients online which is great in the mean time, but it can’t compare to the in person personal training experience we have at CN. We have already put strategies in place as to how we can minimise risk once we are open to ensure a safe environment for all of our clients. Rather than going back to back with session like we normally do we will be staggering session to give us time to clean and disinfect the gym and all equipment between clients and to stop the busy cross over period between clients leaving their session and the next clients coming in.
As our facility is strictly by appointment only for 1-1 personal training, rather than a membership based gym where people are coming and going as they please, we feel confident that when the time is right and the government allows it, we can offer a proper in person, personal training experience, in a fully equipped gym, while minimising the anxieties that our clients may have around Covid-19. Before we were forced to close due to the lockdown many of our clients had already increased their session frequency at CN so they didn’t have to go to busier commercial gyms where they felt the risk was higher compared to our private facility. We have always prided ourself on the cleanliness of our facility but once we get open again our facilty will look like a gym equipment show room all day everyday.

Who is looking forward to getting back into CN? I know I am! @ CN Fitness Personal Training