Putting Training Schedule

If you are planning on starting a new training regime next week, make sure that you plan is realistic and maintainable. If you are saying to your self that you are going to go to the gym four times next week, then actually open your diary and write down when you are going to go to the gym. This simple act of actually putting your training schedule into your diary is such a simple but powerful tool that I myself have been doing for over ten years and something we encourage all of our clients to do.

Going to the gym multiple times per week, on top of your most likely already busy and hectic schedule, won’t just happen by magic. It takes planning, preparation and most importantly, discipline. There are going to be days when you cant be bothered going and would rather just sit on the sofa and binge watch Netflix, and its ok to feel that way, we all do from time to time, no matter how motivated we are. It’s planning , routine and discipline that is going to get you to the gym on days where you dont feel like it. And remember, on days when you dont feel like it, you will always feel better afterwards.

Be realistic, be consistent, be prepared. #personaltrainer #aberdeen #personaltraining #prepare