Single Leg Exercises

The front foot elevated split squat is one of our favourite single leg exercises that most of our clients have had in their programme at one point or another. This is such a great exercise for improving unilateral imbalances and improving hip mobility. Single leg exercises should be present in almost all training programmes at one point or another.

A few points to make this exercises as effective as possible:

Imagine you are standing on train tracks, not a tight rope. Feet should be hip width apart throughout, too close together and hip position is going to be off and balance compromised.

Keep the shoulders above the hips throughout the moment. This will ensure a good stretch in the hip flexor region where most people are tight.

Keep the front foot flat throughout, don’t let the heel lift. This will ensure optimal muscle recruitment and minimise sheering force through the knee.

Think forward and down, aiming to have the hamstring covering the calf at the bottom of each rep. The more range of motion we can get through the front knee, while keeping the shoulders above the hips and the front foot flat, the better.