Squat Technique

If you struggle with squat technique and feel you just can’t get it right, try some heels elevated goblet squat and see how it feels. Generally speaking this is the easiest version of squats to get right. Our aim with all of our clients is to get them to a stage where they can put a bar on their back and squat with perfect technique, but only once they are ready to and can do it perfectly as poorly performed barbell back squats are a recipe for disaster.

Here are a few simple pointers to help with your technique:

Feet: There is no set rule for feet position on squats as everyone’s biomechanics are different but as a general rule of thumb around hip width with feet slightly rotated out is a good starting point. If it feels more natural going a bit wider than this then go for that.

Torque: Imagine you are standing on an open newspaper with the middle between your feet. You are trying to rip the newspaper down the middle by rotating your feet out and spreading the floor. It’s important that your feet don’t move but that you are trying to rotate them out. This external rotation force is going to active the glutes, minimise pronation of the feet and open up the hips which will allow for a fuller range of motion and a more stable and powerful squat.

Knees: Your knees should follow the direction of your feet, slightly rotated out, and the external rotation torque in your feet should transfer up to your knees. In summary keep the knees wide as you squat down and don’t let them buckle inwards. Again this will allow for a fully range of motion and a more stable and powerful squat.