Tailored nutrition and training plans are great

Matthew started working with us in January and he is a man on a mission! Over 10kg lost in under 10 weeks, incredible improvements to his posture and mobility and his overall fitness has improved ten fold.

This deadlift video, although not heavy, is seriously impressive. Just a few months ago he simply could not get into a good deadlift position while maintaining good posture. He had too many postural limitations and tightnesses. We have worked a lot on strengthening weak muscles and lengthening tight muscles to improve overall structural balance and we are now in a position to start pushing some big numbers on the deadlift moving forward.

Here’s what Matthew has to say about working with us so far.

“Amazing experience with CN Fitness so far! Tailored nutrition and training plans are great and for someone with limited experience in the gym the focus on technique is really good at setting you up to follow the workouts on your own. Even after a few weeks already feeling fitter, stronger and healthier than I have in years. Highly recommend.”