Trainer Support and Communication

Personal training is about so much more than just getting someone to take you through a workout and count reps. Personal training is not cheap, at least with us it isn’t, and people investing their time and money in working with a trainer should be getting a good return on their investment. As well as your one on one sessions you should also be getting individualised training programmes, nutrition plans, unlimited out of session support and communication with your trainer and anything else that is needed to help you achieve your goals.
We limit the amount of clients that we work with because we know that if we just take on as many people as possible it will be impossible for us to keep up the level of service we offer. When someone starts working with us and puts their trust in us, it becomes our job and responsibility to do everything in our power to help them achieve their goals. It’s an absolute privilege being in a position to help people with their health and fitness and it is something we take very seriously. #cnfitness #personaltraining #personaltrainer #aberdeen