Training and Fitness Journey

The most important thing with any training programme is Adherence. This is why we start almost all of our beginner clients on a programme with training 3 days per week. Even if we have a beginner client who says they are extremely motivated and can make the time to train 4,5,6 x per week, we will almost always stick to the 3 x per week training initially. Its our job and responsibility to set our clients up for long term success and ensuring that the plan we put in place for them is maintainable long term is an essential part of the process.

When people first start their training and fitness journey they are usually super motivated and will make time to train 4,5,6+ times per week, however after a few weeks once life throws an unexpected situation at them, which it always will from time to time, it becomes very difficult to keep that training frequency up, so their training frequency drops, they feel guilty because they arent training so much, become demotivated and eventually stop training altogether. Does this sound familiar?

The approach we take with clients who want to train more frequently is usually a ladder approach. We will start them off training 3 x per week, and if their adherence is excellent and they get all of the prescribed workouts in over a period of time, we will then update the training programme and increase training frequency to 4 x per week and so on and so on. A training programme that is based off of training 5 x per week is only going to work optimally if you are actually training 5 x per week consistently. For most people, especially beginners, its best to set a very realistic training frequency goal and ensure you smash those prescribed workouts with great focus and intensity. #aberdeen #personaltraining #personaltrainer #cnfitness #adherence