Developing physique and building up strength and muscle mass

Matthew has dropped over 40lb since he started working with us at the start of the year. We are going to focus on fat loss for another four weeks then shift the focus to developing his physique and building up strength and muscle mass.

Matthews work ethic is great and no matter how much he is struggling or how hard he is pushing during our sessions, he never lets it show! He just puts on a brave face and glories on without making a fuss.

This video is his fourth set of this really tough triset and he looks as cool as a cucumber even though on the leg press you can see his legs trembling. (They really are on the limit and shaking like an earth quake if you look closely)
His range of motion on the leg press was less than we would have liked but being it was his forth set and his legs were toast we will let him off.

Great work so far Matthew and I cant wait so see where we get to!